President’s Speech
President’s Speech
New Era New Future

The year 2018 is the 60th anniversary of Zhongce Rubber Group. During the past 60 years, Zhongce Rubber has grown from a small factory producing rubber shoes to one of the top 10 global tire manufacturers and witnessed the favorable market situation as well as the splendid achievement of Chinese tire industry. Today Zhongce Rubber expects the sales revenue approximately of 4 billion US dollar together with a rapid growth of net income for 2018, remaining as the largest Chinese mainland tire manufacturer. The performance result relies on the trust, confidence, supports, and contribution from our partners all over the world. You will receive our great appreciation from me, and from all 30,000 Zhongce Rubber staffs and employees.

Forecast on 2019 is full of uncertainty with weak economy growth but the moderate demand. Possible trade war and the continuous anti-dumping cases bring more pressure on Chinese tire industry and force the industry to restruct and integrate. Merging and acquisition might be popular, and certain suppliers would suffer more if they keep no key competence of quality, technology, and know-how. Zhongce Rubber, as the industry leader in China, will continue to support all our partners to expand the market shares by the commitment of safety and value, by the pursuit of innovation and technology, and by the key competence of cost and efficiency. We will definitely achieve a better future together.

Consistent upgrading and improvement will be imposed on the products, service, marketing and distribution network of Zhongce Rubber so as to support the expansion in such a tough market. We will devote to supply most suitable products with high quality and competitive price to meet the demands from global market and fight for more shares. Meanwhile, Zhongce Rubber introduced MES production system supported by AliCloud to upgrade the production efficiency and improve the order processing. For service, Zhongce Rubber introduced AutoSpace program in China in order to support local dealers to provide standardized and high-quality service to end users. Zhongce Rubber invests and will invest more on the branding and marketing activities in order to promote the brand awareness and the brand image. Furthermore, Zhongce Rubber plans to launch more dealer program to provide special support on retailers together with our partners to occupy the shelves and promote the sales.

Eying on the future, Zhongce Rubber will compete in the market with not only the cost and efficiency but also the value and vision. New technology and business mode focusing on the tire life value chain will be introduced to our partners so that we may extend the values chain for more business opportunities and expect more rewards. The past 2018 is a great milestone for Zhongce Rubber as we review our achievements and experience. Now the coming 2019 will be the start of new age for Zhongce Rubber and all partners to forward for a new future!

ZC Rubber Group Chairman & President Jinrong Shen