Career Development

ZC Rubber regards the human as the company's most valued resources and attracts talent in multi-channel with an open talent concept, providing competitive package. The company also has perfect system for human capacity development through several steps: tutoring, consultation, supervision, assessment and training,and offer the best condition to help achieve its development plans and goals.

Career Development
  • Training

    ZC Rubber focuses on the systematic training and builds perfect dynamic system to concern the employee’s demands on the career development in different phases. The company forms a multi-level, multi-channel and multi-mode training model, helping employee improve the comprehensive quality and professional skills, covering sales, products, aftermarket and financial management etc.

  • Job Rotation

    Based on the willingness and ability of employees, ZC Rubber provides job rotation for them to develop kinds of skills of employees and enhance different experience, helping cultivate compound talent. 

  • Incentive System

    ZC Rubber encourages employees to try their best to achieve more with innovation and improved ability and operates inspiring measures including payment, promotion and honor to help them perfect themselves further on the work.