ZC Rubber adheres to look after employees’ health and safety, also respect and treat them equally during the work. Furthermore, The Company tries its best to solve the problems that the employee most concerned and shares more development results with them, living a better life.

Employee Welfare

All the employees have equal right on the holiday, training, wages, social insurance, performance evaluation and incentive systems etc. Also everyone can receive a sweet present on the holiday and birthday. 
ZC Rubber builds subsidy system covering food and traffic to lower the living pressure of employee. Build available mechanism and foundation to help poor and needy people. Drive the employee home at the Spring Festival and help book the tickets for the people living in the other cities far from the company to ensure spend time with their family.
ZC Rubber provides mess, kindergarten, barber shop, bathroom and dormitory for the employees to convenient their life.
The employees get social security, medical insurance and the physical exam once a year or every two year. A serial of personal protect measures are taken for the safety of employee, including noise reduction and pollution protection. 

Staff Activities

ZC Rubber always actively organizes activities including badminton, basketball and hiking to help enhance the awareness of cooperation and teamwork spirit as well as the cohesion power in the company.