ZC Rubber treats the environment protection as the top priority task across the entire spectrum of our business activities from production to sales and services.  We understand the environment is a critical factor to our life and society and push every employee to build up the environmental protection concept in practice throughout the company. 

  • Clean Production

    ZC Rubber invests more than 100 million dollars on the improvement and upgrading of equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and less carbon emission (Described as “Cleaner Production”). The company also devotes to promote the energy-saving innovation on the production technology and makes its best effort protect the environment during the production process.

  • Green Products

    ZC Rubber persists on the R&D of green tires to protect the environment in order to meet the demands of global customers. The company operates in a concept of low carbon development and lowers the rolling resistance of tires by the SILICA compound and racial structure, to improve the fuel-efficient for the customers. 

  • Energy Conservation

    ZC Rubber builds the perfect systems to further develop green economy and circular economy. Energy Regulatory Commission is in charge of the energy management in the company and implements energy-saving measures during the production. Furthermore, ZC Rubber costs more than thirty million dollars on the comprehensive implement of energy reuse and the control of waste.