Quality Management

Provide safety and value for the global customers is the mission of ZC Rubber. ZC Rubber has perfect quality supervision system, after-sales system and quality certification system to guarantee the product quality and improve the customer satisfaction.

Quality Management

Quality Supervision System

Quality management is the high priority in the production. ZC Rubber strengthens the operation of quality management system and internal review all factors involved in production twice a year, providing better institutional guarantee for the products.
Build perfect quality control system and entire quality management chain covering supplier management, product management and customer management to control the quality of products and the service.
Many activities concerning on the equipment management, technical improvement and comprehensive upgraded on the professional skills help strengthen management ability and further provide an institutional guarantee for product quality.
Set a special quality department who in charge of oversee the quality of production and controls tire quality strictly to guarantee the quality of products, enhance the competitiveness in the global market and improve the marketing share.  

After-sales Service System

ZC Rubber sets up hotline in different market and provides after-sale services for the customers to help them on the tires and service. Customers who have any tire problems caused by the quality could apply for the tire damage inspection and company will deal with it immediately according to the test result by giving compensation.

Quality Certification System

ZC Rubber has a series of certification to ensure that products meet the requirements of each system: ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009, DOT certification, E-MARK certification, Brazilian Inmetro certification, GCC and SNI