Production Safety

ZC Rubber puts the people's safety on the top and carries out advance assessments of production processes and facilities. The company takes preventive measures during the production to ensure safe, accident-free, and pollution-free production operations.

The factories of ZC Rubber have gained the national safety standardization certificate II and certificate III and also obtain the occupation Health and Safety Managing System in 2016.

Production Safety
  • Production Safety System

    ZC Rubber operates the production safety system on the health and safety and environmental management strengthened the safe production standardized system construction to guarantee sustainable development on the production. 

  • Safety Training

    ZC Rubber sets the “responsibility, self-discipline, improvement, healthy” as the guideline, regularly organizes training about safety knowledge to strengthen the consciousness of safety production, implementing the policy of "safety first, prevention first” during the production. 

  • Safety Activity

    ZC Rubber hosts many activities related to the production safety every year to actively promote the construction of security culture and acquire general achievement in practice. Safety is truly a value that is awareness for all the ZC Rubber workers in the workshop.