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ZC Rubber’s Eco-friendly Tire Recycling Project Wins First Prize in Technological Advancement from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
December 18 , 2023


Mr. Xinwen Wang, General Manager of Zhongce Rubber Recycling Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou, China - December 5, 2023 – Zhongce Rubber Recycling Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of ZC Rubber, in collaboration with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Nanjing Green Gold Giant Rubber & Plastic Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., is proud to announce that the project, "Demonstration Project of Waste Rubber Recycle & Application Technology", has been awarded the First Prize in Technological Advancement by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF). ZC Rubber is the only company in the Chinese tire industry to receive this prestigious honor.

The project has made significant advancements in eco-friendly tire recycling technology. Through the development of innovative methods and specialized equipment, ZC Rubber has successfully produced solid and liquid reclaimed rubber while prioritizing environmental sustainability. 

China faces the highest annual production of waste tires globally. However, traditional methods of reclaimed rubber production for waste heavy-duty tires have been associated with pollution, high energy consumption, safety risks, and unstable product quality. Similarly, the recycling of waste passenger tires has relied on crude oil refining methods, lacking green resource utilization technology. Additionally, the use of reclaimed materials into tires has been limited, with challenges in maintaining performance and stability.

The achievement of eco-friendly recycling of waste tires and the successful application of reclaimed material in tires have enormous significance in eliminating environmental pollution caused by waste tires, alleviating the shortage of rubber resources in China, and reducing dependence on petrochemical resources.

As the first tire company in China to embark on tire recycling, ZC Rubber has been actively engaged in recycling, reusing, and repurposing efforts since 2005. The establishment of Zhongce Rubber Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. has enabled ZC Rubber to lead the way in sustainable tire practices in China.

Over the years, ZC Rubber has collaborated closely with domestic and international research institutions to develop a comprehensive recycling industrial value chain encompassing tire recycling, sorting, retreading, pyrolysis, and more.

To date, ZC Rubber has recycled 400,000 tons of waste tires (equivalent to 1.7 million pcs of tires), resulting in a reduction of 510,000 tons of carbon emissions – comparable to planting 27.87 million trees.

With a commitment to carbon neutrality in manufacturing and a continuous drive to minimize environmental impact, ZC Rubber remains dedicated to advancing sustainability in the years ahead.