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Germanic magazine’s highly praise for Goodride
July 16 , 2015

GERMANY— The Goodride tyre, a tyre brand of ZC RUBBER, was recommended as one of the best tyre besides Continental in a test, which was held by Auto Bild alles Allrad, the most important 4x4 magazine in Germany.

The test included 10 tyres from Asia and a test winner Continental as bench mark tyre. Besides Goodride SA-37 sport, Sailun, Federal, Syron and Evergreen were also selected. The chosen tyres’ size is 235/55R17, which are always used for the All-wheel-drive vehicles, such as the testing car Ford Kuga and VW. Tiguan.

The test covered pass‐by noise, the rolling resistance,longitudinal hydroplaning, curves hydroplaning, slalom, which are the important performance of the tyre. Goodride is reported to achieve a good score and obtained a high evaluation. The well-known magazine said that it would be more secure and lower noise, avoiding dramatic accident, when people drive with Goodride tyre on the road covering with water

Goodride tyre performed very well for exact half of the price of the Continental tyre. The testing magazine also showed its surprise that Goodride tyre is much better than Continental in the longitudinal hydroplaning and curves hydroplaning. For Goodride tyre, it devotes itself to provide super excellent traction, oriented property and resistance to hydroplaning and what Goodride brings to customers is a kind of confidence, security, comfortable.