Types of Tires
Types of Tires
  • Passenger Car

    Passenger Car is a vehicle carrying passengers and used for both private and public transport. Westlake passenger car tire (PCR) utilizes a balanced combination of technology, designed for drivers who want ride comfort, all-season traction and a standard warranty in a highway touring tire.

    Passenger Car

  • Light Truck

    Light truck is the truck or truck-based vehicle with a payload capacity of less than 1,815 kg (4,000 pounds). Westlake light truck tires (LTR) provides an excellent performance with brake, stability, safety, as well as economy.

    Light Truck

  • Truck & Bus

    Westlake Truck & Bus tires (TBR) deliver optimal performance applied them to long-haul trucks, regional, mixed service, urban and winter; also provide customers with fuel efficiency, high mileage and long tire life, as well as the retread ability.

    Truck & Bus

  • Off-The-Road

    Off-the-road (OTR) tires include tires for construction vehicles such as wheel loaders, backhoes, graders, trenchers as well as large mining trucks, which is capable of driving on and off paved or gravel surface. Westlake OTR tires have great grip, excellent traction and strong tire casing promising a valuable performance.


  • Industrial

    Industrial tires (IND) are those tires used on the wheels of heavy equipment and machinery in the manufacturing, construction, military, transportation, warehouse and production industries. Westlake Industrial tires provide excellent performance in all working conditions with the features of long tire life and outstanding durability.


  • Agricultural

    The agricultural tire (AGR) classification includes tires used on farm vehicles, typically tractors, harvesters and other specialty vehicles. Westlake Agricultural tires provide customers excellent traction, easy self-cleaning, and good durability.


  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycle tires are available for motorcycles in different applications, including sport, touring, cruiser bikes and racing. Westlake motorcycle tire tread compound delivers excellent balance of mileage and grip, providing traction, resisting wear, absorbing surface irregularities, and allowing the motorcycle to turn via counter steering.


  • Aircraft

    Aircraft tires are designed to be used with aircraft and withstand extremely heavy loads for short durations, carrying up to 340 tons and accelerating at over 250km/hour at takeoff.